There are two kinds of permits issued for travelling in Tibet : the TTB Permit and the PSB Permit. These two permits can only be delivered by authorized agencies. So, it is not allowed to travel alone in Tibet.
TTB Permit (Tibet Entry Permit):
When you fly into Lhasa, you will need to show this permit when checking at the airport. Also, in order to buy a flight to Lhasa, you will need to show this permit. TTB Permits are also needed by groups traveling by land cruiser, but this will be arranged by the travel agent organizing the trip. 
PSB Permit (Alien Travel Permit):
If you want to visit "restricted" areas (Gyantse, Shigatse...) in Tibet, you will need an Alien Travel Permit issued by the Public Security Bureau (PSB) of Tibet.
If you are coming to Lhasa from Kathmandu, it is advised to get your permits from Kathmandu as a special administrative situation exists between China and Nepal allowing less formalities.
Adventure Thirdpole Treks & Expedition can provide you these permits under the condition booking your trip with us. To process the visa for you, we require the following details as they appear in your passport, while making your booking:
• Full name
• Gender 
• Date of birth
• Nationality 
• Passport number
• And your passport, sent tu us
The normal visa fee will be applicable only if the client deposits his/her passport to us for at least 8 days prior to your entry date in Tibet. An urgent fee of US$ 10 additional is applicable for the visa to be processed within 3 days and US$ 15 additional fee is charged by the China Embassy for the visa to be processed within a day.
Booking should be made as early as possible and must be confirmed at least 10 weeks in advance. A booking form with full passport details including present home address and occupation, should reach us with the 40 % payment of the trip. Balance payment must be made a week before the trip departure.

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