The scope for trekking in Bhutan is immense from short walks to arduous treks. A trekking holiday provides an opportunity to see the beautiful Kingdom of Bhutan at its most magnificent. From the towering snow peaks of the inner Himalayas to the verdant forests that cloak the hills above its peaceful valleys, the trails are clean, unspoilt, and the wilderness still pristine in its' beauty. The rich Himalayan flora and fauna, snow capped peaks and beautiful rural landscapes leave a lasting impression upon the minds of those who have the chance to visit this last Buddhist Kingdom.

At certain times of year, festivals draw thousands of local people, some of whom walk for days, to see the masked dances or tsechu performed in the courtyards of ancient dzongs and monasteries. The ideal way to witness these festivals is as part of a tour or trekking holiday.

Activities in Trekking
Black Mountain

Black Mountain range nearly divides the country in two, running from north at the Tibetan border to the south, rich in wild life. The trail goes through high valleys of Gogona and Khotakha.

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Dagala 1000 Lakes

The Dagala Mountain range divides the two prominent valleys of Thimphu and Wangdue. The altitude of the plateau is around 4000 meters. It has many lakes of different sizes and in most lakes one can find trout fish.

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Druk Path

Druk Path Trekking is one of the most popular treks in Bhutan. It is a short and scenic trek with some great views and beautiful lakes en route.

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Duer Hot Spring

The Duer Hot Spring Trekking follows the old expedition route to the Gangkhar Puensum. This trek is rigorous, but the rewards can be worth the walk. It includes a stop at natural hot springs which are said to be the most beautiful natural hot springs in the Himalayas, a relaxing treatment for body aches.

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