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A tour in Bhutan is an excellent way to discover and experience the culture, the people and the environment of Bhutan. These programs consist in traveling around the country by vehicle including visits to religious sites (temples, monasteries...), fascinating excursions to villages, discovering of Dzongs, hiking days...

Adventure Thirdpole Treks makes you discover these destinations through different tour packages which, on request, can be customized to meet the visitors' specific preferences.

Activities in Bhutan Tour
Journey to Druk Yul Tour

The Journey Druk Yul Tour in Bhutan is popular for travellers intending to cover Bhutan as an extension from India and/or Nepal programme. This 5 nights/6 days trip leads the visitors to the western valleys of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdue Phodrang.

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Himalayan Splendor

The Himalayan Splendor Tour takes the tourists to the western and central valleys of Bhutan. Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Bhumthang are some of the highlights this program offers to the visitors where they can explore many attractions such as Dzongs (fortress), museums, handicraft places and various chorten and monasteries

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The Last Shangri-La

As the name suggests this is one of the most exclusive Bhutan tour programs introducing the visitors to all the major attractions of the country. Indeed, The Last Shangri-La Tour takes you across the country along the lateral highway.

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Bike Tour

One moment along the twists and turns of a deep ravine along narrow mountain trails and the next with the view of the majestic Himalayan ranges stretching to the horizons before you, this is bike in Bhutan.

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